UFO Attack: Five Extraterrestrials Petrified 23 Russian Soldiers

23 Russian soldiers lost their life during a UFO attack in Siberia. The CIA declassified report describes this event as a “horrific picture of revenge on the part of extraterrestrial creatures, a picture that makes one’s blood freeze”.   The frightful information was one of the many published online by the CIA. Chiefly, it involves a horrible event [...]

Archaeologists Found an Egyptian Coin with an Alien Head Inscribed

Humanity has always been fascinated with the stars, but not everything is so great about them. Thousands of people believe that there may be different kinds of alien species throughout the universe – and many of them could be hostile towards us. We don’t have a second Earth, we have no alternative homeworld, so I [...]

The Canadian UFO Fragment – Proven Authentic! (VIDEO)

Researcher Isaac Koi has published some startling yet not widely known details, regarding some unusual space debris that was found in northern Saskatchewan in 1968. It is the largest Ufo fragment ever found, and was later definitively concluded to have come from space. However, at the time the Canadian military and government could not definitively [...]

Two “Alien” Beings Inside UFO: Turkish Government Verified Footage (VIDEO)

Have you ever heard of the Kum­burgaz, Turkey UFO incident? It was an event that spanned a few days, that produced footage, a video that has been verified as authentic by the Turkish government. That’s not necessarily that it authentically shows two alien beings inside a craft as some people have suggested, but they confirmed the footage [...]

Ufologists Say 8-Foot Humanoid Aliens From Proxima B Have Visited Earth

In 2012, a strange image started circling around the internet showing what seems to be an extraterrestrial being in Asia. And while scientists were trying to determine whether it’s real, the discovery of eight-foot-tall humanoid aliens from Proxima B came as a shock to them all.   Proxima B is probably one of the most [...]


A massive 3000-mile wide, unrecognized disc was caught in a NASA slide above the earth and nobody knows exactly what it is. The image was taken from the ISS and was first shown at a Brasilia Planetarium Presentation in 2013. The question has been asked, ” Is it an alien mothership or a planetary defense [...]

Antediluvian Wall Hides Long Lost Civilization Beneath Texas

The mysterious wall, known as the Antediluvian wall of Texas is likely the most bizarre feature of the town of Rockwell. Many people firmly claim that the weird rock wall buried beneath the surface hides a lost ancient civilization of Texas.   The discovery of the Antediluvian wall happened over a century ago, still, manages to [...]