Celebrities Who Rock Their Body Flaws

Short legs, no obvious waistline, extra weight… None of these are a problem for some of the brightest celebrities of today. They don’t let their “flaws” get in the way of achieving great things in their careers and in their personal lives.   We have collected photos of 7 amazing celebrity women who consider the imperfections of their bodies to be part of their image.   7. Emilia Clarke The star [...]

9 Celebrities Who You Might Not Know Are Related

 These celebrities have unexpectedly turned out to be related. Can you guess which famous politician is actually Madonna’s sister?   We share a list of some famous people who you would never have expected to be related. According to geneticists, your relatives are also among them.   1. Meryl Streep and Brooke Shields © AFP/East News   © Broad Image/East News Actresses Meryl Streep and [...]

The Drastic Difference Plastic Surgery Makes on Celebrities of the Same Age!

If we have a look at Julia Roberts and Pamela Anderson, we can hardly believe they’re the same age. Julia has never had plastic surgery while Pamela is quite the fan of plastic. Of course, it’s up to them to decide, but it’s interesting to compare celebrities who aren’t afraid of aging with celebrities who will do anything to avoid these changes.   Let’s compare celebs of the same age who have [...]

14 Times That Celebrities and Social Media Proved to Be a Scary and Funny Combination

People regularly spend about 135 minutes online, and celebrities are no exception. Celebrities also share pictures, discuss news, and of course, joke around. But sometimes their funny jokes are even better than the photos themselves! Take a look at our compilation and see for yourselves. We were very curious to see how celebrities joke with each other on social media. And we must admit, [...]

Celebrities Who Used to Live on the Street and Now Own Mansions

It’s hard to become successful. And it seems that some people are dealt an especially bad hand in childhood, only to end up in a really good situation later in life. Each successful person’s life is unique and different from everyone else’s, but there’s one thing they all have in common: their unwavering faith in themselves and their dreams.   We have collected true life stories about people [...]

15 Celebrities Who Are Totally Unrecognizable Without Makeup

In order for celebrities to look good on stage and off stage they need lots of makeup and concealers. Believe it or not the hollywood stars have acne and blackheads just like normal people. They use primers and bronzers to cover them up. Do you honestly think that celebrity stars have beautiful long lashes? Of [...]

14 Bizarre Cosmetic Procedures Celebrities Go Through to Look So Chic

Celebrity stars have always been role models. After all, on the screen they all look incredibly well-groomed. It seems that this can be achieved only with expensive cosmetics and constant complicated procedures. But it turns out that in order to look so amazing, celebrities choose methods which may even make you shiver.   Lets take a look of the celebrities that use [...]

Four Little Known British Alien Abduction Claims (VIDEOS)

There are claims of alien abductions made all over the world – some more believable than others perhaps. We take a look at just a random selection of four such alien abductions claims, all of which were people who said they snatched from the green, green grass of Old Blighty…. 1 – The Jason Andrews [...]