10 Things About Your Appearance That Can Make You Unattractive

3. Negligently rolled up sleeves

Well rolled sleeves on clothes will make your image more youthful and dynamic. But sleeves pushed up like an accordion will turn you into the man who’s never worn a button down shirt in his life.

  • How to do it right: Unfasten the buttons on the sleeve, straighten and then turn the cuff inside out, making 1-2 turns for the entire width of the cuff. If the fabric on the cuffs on the wrong side differs in color from the main one, you can make an Italian sleeve tuck (see this video from 1:25).

4. Harem pants

Trousers with a low step seam (also called “Harem” pants) don’t raise questions if they are worn by a hip-hop artist or a chracter from a fairy tale. In any other case, these pants just look like an unsuccessful attempt to appear younger or more fashionable.

  • What to do: If you can’t just give up wearing these pants, then it would be better to at least wear them with sneakers or sandals. As the top element of the outfit you can use a simple T-shirt or tank.

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