10 Undeniable Signs That Prove Aliens REALLY Exist

There are two theories. One, we are not alone in this universe and second, we are alone in this universe. Both are equally terrifying. So do you believe in aliens? It’s a complicated answer. Aliens, extraterrestrials, Space Men whatever you want to call them have been seen time and again. Today we are going to discuss 10 signs that prove aliens exist.

10. Astronaut Sightings Confirms Aliens Exist

signs that prove aliens exist

It is always fascinating when an astronaut argues the existence of aliens. If anyone has more chance of seeing an extraterrestrial it’s going to be astronauts who venture into space. Now the rumor is that if an astronaut witnesses a UFO or an extraterrestrial being they cannot report this to the press; but that hasn’t stopped them because over the years many astronauts have told encounters with aliens and their beliefs that aliens exist.

In June 1965 when astronauts Ed White and James McDivitt were passing over Hawaii in a Gemini spacecraft they say they witnessed a strange-looking metallic object with long arms sticking from it. McDivitt took pictures but he said that it did not capture what he could see properly due to the glare and the grubby windows. The rumor is that he also took a video but this has never been released Mcdivitt has said that some UFO promoters did exaggerate the story but debunkers did also underestimate it.

Now whether you believe Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong’s moon landing was a hoax or not they both apparently reported that aliens have a base on the moon and were told to get off and stay off. According to unconfirmed reports both Neil and buzz saw UFO’s shortly after landing on the moon on the 21st July 1969 according to former NASA employees Auto Binda unnamed radio hams with their own BHF perceiving facilities a bypass NASA’s broadcasting outlets picked up the following exchanges “What was it? What the hell was it? That’s all I want to know” “What’s there? These babies are huge sir… enormous! Oh my god you wouldn’t believe it I’m telling you there are other spacecraft out there lined up on the far side at the crater edge there on the moon watching us”! According to former naval officer and Russian UFO researcher Neil Armstrong relayed the message to Mission Control that two large mysterious objects were watching them after having landed, but the message was censored and never heard by the public leading to a strong speculation that aliens exist.

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  • M no denying they exist. My friend and I visited a place out near the foothills one night. Within 30 minutes, 5 ships appeared and put on a show with the most beautiful colored lights and water show. We watched then til day break and proceeded home. That same evening one ship made several passes out across the highway 140 west. There were several friends that happen to be there at my place. On it’s final pass it stopped and turned toward my house for what it seemed 45 seconds. Raised a little higher turned the opposite direction and sped off. There are many stories we have. I’m always willing to take a group out there but no cares to. I have several home movies showing them at night. And one thing I also know, they know of us who believe, they have been with me since I saw my first one at age 12 or so. And they do have underground bases. They are really thick in this area.
    Happy hunting.

    • Hi Lou,
      If you have some videos you could send them to Tyler who is running Secureteam10 channel on you tube. He’s very thorough researcher in this matter and he would be grateful for another evidence. All his subscribers including me would be very happy to see them too.
      Best regards


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