13 Tricks to Boost Your Brain Used by Scientists and Special Agents

Myth: Swings are for kids.

Truth: Playing on the swings during early childhood promotes the development of certain parts of the brain responsible for speech and information processing. Swinging and spiraling strengthen the vestibular apparatus in the ear at any age by improving spatial orientation skills. This fact has been proven by astronauts.

  • What to do: Play on the swings for 15–20 minutes, 2–3 times a week and never miss a ride on a merry-go-round. It’ll spare you from seasickness, as well as the symptoms from excessive drinking.

Myth: Psychic abilities don’t exist.

Truth: A thing called the sixth sense is often observed among people who have had to develop certain sense organs. For example, blind people can sense the space around them, while concentrating on their sense of hearing, smell, or the work of skin receptors. To function properly their brain creates a special map based on the received information.

  • What to do: Several times a week practice doing certain things using earplugs — try walking backwards or play “What’s in the box?”, where you have to guess which objects are hidden in a box.
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