By Definition UFOs Are Real, But If They Are Not Aliens, What Might They Be? (VIDEO

When people say that “they don’t believe in UFOs” it is testament to the fact that in most people’s minds, UFOs mean aliens. However, by definition, UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) are very real – there are thousands of sightings every year. The fact we don’t know what the vast majority of these sightings are, does not mean they do not happen.

So if they are not aliens, what are they?

Several other theories exist as to what they might be?

​Perhaps the most “accepted” of these would be that they are the results of top secret government aircraft tests. We know this happens, and to a certain degree at least, most of us accept the need to test such machines away from “prying eyes” – that being said, some of the technology that is on display during some of the sightings are so far away from anything we know we are capable of that even if it were aircraft tests – the question of where that technology came from in the first place raises it’s head.


If aliens are not responsible for UFOs – what else could these strange types of sightings be?
Theories that UFO and alien sightings are in fact evidence of time-travellers are relatively common in the UFO fields, particularly when dealing with abduction cases.Would this explain the cases where the “captors” were very “human-looking” and some have reported a “human presence” observing what is happening? Although many speak of being “chipped” so that they can be found again (and many people have indeed had unknown items removed from their bodies) – if these “aliens” were in fact time-travellers, that would explain how they know so much about the people they are visiting and their whereabouts in the first place, and maybe even time-travellers would need to “chip” people.

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