Four Little Known British Alien Abduction Claims (VIDEOS)

There are claims of alien abductions made all over the world – some more believable than others perhaps. We take a look at just a random selection of four such alien abductions claims, all of which were people who said they snatched from the green, green grass of Old Blighty….

1 – The Jason Andrews Alien Abduction

In July 1987, when he was celebrating his fourth birthday at the family cottage in Slade Green, Kent, a sudden thunderstorm swept over the area. As lightning lit up the sky spectacularly, Jason began to mutter to himself a series of numbers. This alarmed his family – even more so when it turned out the numbers were complex mathematical equations that someone of his age would not be aware of in the slightest.

The family’s alarm was ratcheted up a notch when the windows of the house suddenly began to shake before Jason turned to them calmly and said, “They are waiting for me! I have to go!”

​As Jason went to leave the house, his father, Paul, stepped towards his son, and after a struggle with him pulled him away from the front door and subsequently from the trance that had taken hold of him with the arrival of the storm. As he did the so, the shaking and commotion outside the house stopped as abruptly as it had started.

Jason Andrews’ experiences were turned into the book “Abducted..”
The incident was largely forgotten by the family until 1995, when Jason suddenly confided in them that “strange beings” had been coming into his room since that day, and abducting him.
He stated that a light would appear and he would find himself unable to move or speak. A tall figure would be there directing several smaller creatures who would take him to a round room where he would be placed on an operating table.

​True or not, the incidents turned into the book “Abducted: The True Story of Alien Abduction” which was written by Jason’s mother and Jean Ritchie. In it they theorised that Jason has remote viewing capabilities that had originally drawn the aliens to him. They have however been the subject of much criticism, not least because of the apparent lack to even consider a “rational” explanation and of manipulating events to fit their purposes.


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