Goblins From Outer Space, Robot Doppelgängers And Alien Bases – The Strange Tales Of The World’s Mountains

On a Sunday evening on 21st August 1955, Billy Ray Taylor witnessed something in the sky emitting flames “all the colours of the rainbow” overhead the quiet farmhouse where he and his family were staying with friends, the Suttons.
He followed the craft until it fell from the air a few hundred yards behind the farmhouse.

The incident that was about to unfold is commonly known as the “Kelly–Hopkinsville encounter” – although some refer to it as, The Kelly Green Men, The Hopkinsville Invasion or The Kentucky Goblins.

The Sutton’s secluded farmhouse sat on the Old Madisonville Road, eight miles north of Hopkinsville and close to Kelly, each small towns in Kentucky in the United States. It was for all intents and purposes “cut off” from civilisations, with no telephone, no radio or television, nor even indoor plumbing.

​Startled by what he was seeing, Taylor quickly made his way back to the main house. He spent the next hour telling his family and the Suttons what he had seen, and was largely dismissed by the farmhouse’s other occupants. That was until the Sutton’s dog began to bark and become agitated outside.


The Kelly-Hopkinsville Incident of 1955 was said to have seen two families attacked by “goblins” from outer space!
When they went to investigate, they witnessed a small strange looking creature that appeared to glow. It was around three feet tall, with a bald head and “bat-like” ears. Although it was thin, the creature had exceptionally long arms for its size, with claws for hands. It appeared to “float” as it moved through the air, and also appeared to be wearing what was later described as a “shiny, silvery, metallic bodysuit!”

Suddenly, as if it realised it was being watched, the creature brought its arms above its head and headed towards the farmhouse. This prompted both Sutton and Taylor to reach for their guns, and open fire.   

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