How To Let Go Of Emotional Attachments To Past Relationships

PROCEED WITH CAUTION: The only way this article will make sense to you is if you have had an encounter with a soul that was put in your path to help you dive deep into clearing past life soul Karma.

About five years ago I was involved in the most manipulative and energetically parasitic relationship I could have ever imagined. I was tossed around, in and out of mind games and by the time I got out of this relationship I had felt like I had just gotten out of the heavy load cycle in the spiritual washing machine (whatever that is). I had to physically separate myself from this person, so I did. The most intense part was that even though I had separated my physical body from his, I could still feel him and his emotions even though we were hundreds of miles away from one another. He would also know what I was feeling, it was like we were still tuned into the same radio station.

And then it hit me after one day in meditation. We were connected through universal consciousness, all of us are connected.

We magnify this oneness energy when entering a relationship with someone. Upon first meeting this person it feels like a supernova star just exploded in your heart chakra. There is a high that comes form this and this is the acceleration of all of your chakras, uniting you with your higher self. There is a type of spiritual chemistry that goes on, your energy combined with this other person’s energy, creates energetic cord entanglements that are unpenetrable from anywhere in the universe.

The cords become knotted and extremely intertwined like an umbilical cord; breathing life into the re-genesis of both chakra centers in separate bodies.  Thus accelerating each other’s DNA for healing, the two of you have chosen to become the embodiment of oneness of the universe; the only truth the action of being in love.

Although in some cases meeting a soul companion could mean the cords become stronger from karma clearing activities if accepted by both parties involved. When both souls or one resists this acceleration they both experience discharging trauma or a soul shocking energy field decrease together.

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