According To Physicists Parallel Worlds Interact With Us (VIDEO)

According to new claims made by some physicists, there are other parallel worlds that interact with us.

Quantum mechanics is a tested science, but it is rarely understood because it is pretty strange.

There are many attempts to explain quantum theory, but they have led to many different interpretations, one of which is the many-worlds interpretation.

Nowadays, a new theory has appeared which is called the many interacting worlds theory. According to this new theory, parallel worlds exist and they can be detected because they communicate with our planet on a quantum level. This theory is still a speculation, but it can be really useful in explaining some parts of quantum mechanics.

This new theory is actually similar to the quantum mechanics interpretation, which suggests that all the possible histories and futures exist and they stand for a real, but parallel world. However, the problem in this interpretation is that it cannot be tested as tests can only be carried out on our planet.

So, according to quantum mechanics, we can only imagine the existence of other worlds. However, the many interacting worlds theory suggests that parallel worlds also interact with us and this can be shown.

The interpretation of many worlds in quantum mechanics exists since 1957. According to it, every universe branches into many other universes every time when there is a quantum measurement. Consequently, while in one universe the asteroid killed the dinosaurs, on other it missed the Earth.

However, critics of quantum mechanics don’t believe this theory as there is no evidence that these parallel universes influence our universe. However, the new theory offers a new idea, which is that the universes interact with each other.

The creators of the new theory explain that similar worlds dismiss each other with a repulsion force. The factoring of this force can explain the quantum effects.

It only remains for the creators to show whether or not their math will explain the quantum effects.

The new many interacting world theory can even lead to humans interacting with other universes eventually. We could be able to see what our lives would be like if we made different choices. Check the Video on the Next Page : 

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