Scientists Say Reincarnation Is Real & Consciousness Is Energy That Searches New Host

Researchers say that reincarnation does exist and that consciousness is just an energy our bodies possess and releases to the universe after we die until the moment a new owner is found.


Dr. Jim Tucker released his newest book that goes by the title Life After Life: A Scientific Investigation of Children’s Memories of Previous Lives.

Within the book, Dr. Tucker explains that reincarnation is indeed possible as a result of the consciousness inside our bodies.

Dr. Tucker questioned 2,500 children who showed indications of reincarnation. They all had something in common: recalls that they never lived and birthmarks equal to the people they have allegedly been reborn from.

Consciousness has been a subject of interest for many scientists and common people. They have been striving to paint the picture of what it actually represents.

In the past years, multiple outstanding researchers have claimed that quantum mechanics provides ’consciousness’ to endure after ‘death’.

For instance, Dr. Robert Lanza, a prominent doctor and currently Chief of Astellas Global Regenerative Medicine, invented the slogan ‘biocentrism’.

Namely, this phrase assumes that the consciousness is freed across the universe through sub-atomic scraps after a person dies.

Moreover, Dr. Tucker explained how that this so-called river of energy can find a new host.

In an interview with NPT, Dr. Tucker said that many famous scientists, such as Max Planck – the father of quantum theory, regarded consciousness as something essential from which all matter is acquired from.

“So in that case, it would mean that consciousness would not necessarily be dependent on a physical brain in order to survive, and could continue after the physical brain and after the body dies.”

“In these cases, it seems – at least, on the face of it – that a consciousness has then become attached to a new brain, and has shown up as past life memories,” said Tucker.

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