Internet is composed of three different layers: surface Internet (the surface web), deep Internet (the deep web) and the dark Internet (the dark web). The top layer, the surface Internet, are web pages that appear using search engines like Google. The deep Internet are web pages that search engines can not access and that, therefore, are hidden, and can only be accessed through passwords and authorizations.(secret images)

Every time you sign in to an account, you are accessing content from the deep Internet that is not displayed in a search engine. For example, work intranets, password-protected online banks and a blog’s control panel are stored on the deep Internet. But the dark Internet is a network of online activities and websites that are impossible to trace. (secret images)

In this digital place you can find anything from illegal activity related to finance, extremism, weapons, piracy, abuse and fraud. But we can also find surprising material about UFOs and extraterrestrials, such as photos and videos that are part of classified material. Like the video that has recently been published, where you can see how some men experiment with what seems to be a possible real extraterrestrial.(secret images)

The extraterrestrial being from the Swiss Alps

The images were recorded in 1992 and appear to show a real extraterrestrial being . The video has been discovered on the dark Internet by a man who has wanted to remain anonymous. It has been considered by experts on the subject as “hyperrealistic” and  has caused all kinds of reactions among Internet users.

The anonymous user, who claimed to have found the material in a file that was on a dark Internet server, said the file contained a video with no more references than “EBE 1992, Eiger . ” Although the video seems to be a montage with photographs, the images are so real that many Internet users have described it as “the most disturbing material of a real alien” they have ever seen in their lives.(secret images)

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